My Work

Prague, where I was born, is dotted with puppet shops and theatres. Puppets and puppet-making seem to be part of the culture, and maybe that helped me to choose my path. It’s hard to know what came first – my fascination with wood, and what can be made from it, or my love of puppets and all things moving, such as automata. Obviously, the combination of the two wins every time.

Automata can be seen in many different ways – to me, it is animated or mechanised sculpture. It can be inspiring, amusing, simple and yet powerful, or ingenious and intriguing. My automata are an attempt at all of these… read more | view gallery

When I started making puppets for the theatre, majority of them were marionettes operated by traditional string controls. Other styles I made have included glove and rod puppets, bunraku / table top style puppets, and even some shadow puppets… read more | view gallery

The carving process starts with the choosing of a piece of wood. This often inspires me, and leads me into the carving…
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There are many bowls here – they are what I do when the wood and chisels are calling me, and I have nothing in particular to do. The bowls are my ‘relaxation exercises’…
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Carving letters is a relatively recent addition to my skills. The very methodical discipline has its own logic and grace. I find it to be a challenging skill, that can be very precise yet beautiful and ultimately satisfying when executed well.  view gallery