My Work


In my automata I look for a combination of the mechanical with elements of carving and sculpture on a smaller scale. I try to keep the workings open to form part of the whole and to keep the natural colour of the wood. Sometimes they tell an amusing story.

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Most of these puppets were made to commission, mainly for theatre but also privately. They range in size and type; from marionettes, rod and table-top puppets to bunraku style and more | view gallery

Although I very much like making things move I equally enjoy carving something static. Knowing that a face won’t change at the crank of a handle requires a different approach.
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Here are some of the more functional items. Most are commissioned one off pieces while the restoration has a need for precision and very careful working.

An initial idea for a bowl can change throughout the carving process. It can take a life of its own, letting the wood ultimately dictate the final more | view gallery


The discipline of letter carving has its own logic and grace. It can be very precise yet beautiful and ultimately satisfying.view gallery