‘Wind’ from ‘Go Noah Go’  – remake of Simon Auton’s character plus restoration of other puppets and animals from Little Angel Theatre’s  2017 production of ‘Go Noah Go’

see the ‘Go Noah Go‘ trailer here:https://youtu.be/36eOyxuJcqs


‘The Director’ – coin operated box at Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery that needed a little care and restoration.

– see it working here:https://youtu.be/KmUTBOCZFVo  and from the back:https://youtu.be/3hUm56fevOg



‘Tin Drum’  – Jesus and beetles carved by Jan Zalud from Lyndie Wright’s designs for Kneehigh Theatre’s production.



‘Dudley’ – a ventriloquist puppet based on Mary Turner’s design, commissioned and supported by Ben Steiner.






‘Red Cat’ – a rod marrionette made for Ruthin Crafts Centre’s exhibition ‘a Clowder of Cats’.

see the cat moving here:https://youtu.be/50seTWBdnFY




‘Little Matchgirl and Other Happier Tales’ – puppet heads, hands and feet carved from Lyndie Wright’s designs for Globe Theatre’s production.

see the moving beetles here:https://youtu.be/-e7sRpC-_Ak




‘Nice Fish’  – puppet heads, hands and feet carved from Lyndie Wright’s designs for Harold Pinter Theatre production.




‘Boy’ – a table top puppet commissioned by Laura Morgan




‘Castaway Driftwood Boy’  a ventriloquist puppet made from the concept of – and for – Ben Steiner .

see the unpainted boy move here:https://youtu.be/fhtnEXKycgY




‘Leandro’ the Brazilian boy who dreams of being in the Olympics – made for Total Insight Theatre  from their initial design.

watch Leandro move though my operating skills are questionablehttps://youtu.be/ireEOuh0HR0